Today I'm 19 Years Old

February 21st, 2013
This morning I get surprise from @keinooon and ondoh. Before I went to my office, they hit me successfully with 3 eggs. Whoooohoo

Big thanks to @keinooon and @wahyu_utomo14, and all @brainmatics crew for these Sweet Cake :D Hmmm…
Hahahahahahahaha Iam laughing loudly if I read that Happy Birthday greetings  :D

Just because I like Nicky Minaj songs, then they put “Minaj” behind my name.. Hahaha
It’s OK, no problem :)

Make a wish..

I wish I could be better person than yesterday :)

I wish my family keep healthy :)
I wish I could make my beloved mom happy :)
I wish I could be successful man!

, and let’s blew out a candle.. fuuh

Slice those cake

First cake to Chief Training Officer and as Chief Developer Officer Brainmatics “Kak Achoun”

Second cake to my ex-teacher and as KKK multimedia on Grafika Vocational High School Semarang “Pak Ham”

Third cake to Chief Finance Officer Brainmatics “Emanuel” a.k.a “Kak Eman”

Fourth Cake to “Mbak Noniek” as Marketing Manager Brainmatics. Hei @keinooon thanks for the cake! :D

Fifth cake to “Mas Wahyu” as Infrastructure and Certification Manager Brainmatics. @wahyu_utomo14 big thanks too :D

Sixth cake to “Mas Ari” as Business Developer Manager Brainmatics

Seventh cake to “Ondoh” as Finance Manager Brainmatics

8th Cake to “TB” as Software Developer Manager” this photo was blur -_-

Thanks to Kaskus (Email)
Thanks for all my friends in semarang. They text me too much. I’m so glad :D
Thanks to my Facebook friends too :D

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