FaktaBahasa Club

Hi there, i wanna share you something.

When i lived in Semarang previously, i heard FaktaBahasa Club from my friend, then i just searched the information about it, and yap i found you! @faktabahasa on twitter, but after i read information about you, i little bit disappointed cause the Club didn't exist in Semarang, just in Jakarta and Bandung.

As you know, after i graduated in my vocational high school, i stay in Pancoran, South Jakarta because i work and study here now.

Everyday i see (it is commonly called kepo-ing) your tweet and finally you opened the registration just Jabodetabek area. I filled all my registration form and wait until acceptance announcement. And tadaaa....... i'm in!!

And i take a screenshoot the acceptance in my email :

That information about congratulation to me because i'm a piece of faktabahasa club right now. And we would get an internalization on July 6th 2013, in University of  Indonesia.

I'd learn French and English language with others *WISH ME LUCK*

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